Nonprofit organizations using drones for a good purpose enjoy a 10% discount.

DJI Joins Snotbot's Sea of Cortez Expedition

DJI joined and filmed the Snotbot team's expedition to the Sea of Cortez where our Inspire 1 successfully aided the researchers in collecting samples that will let science take another step forward.

How The Rare Species Fund Uses DJI Phantom And Osmo To Raise Awareness

Since the launch of the DJI Osmo, Robert has also started experimenting with this handheld marvel to capture closeup video of gorillas, chimpanzees and other wildlife that is otherwise difficult to film.

Marine biologist Nan Hauser saves whales — with Phantom 3 Professional

Using DJI drones, the team is able to monitor the humpbacks without disturbing them. With the Phantom 3 Professional's sharp 4K video and 12 megapixel camera and its powerful video downlink, whales can be closely surveyed even from a distance, and with a smaller team and much more quickly than before.

DJI Phantom Used to Help Protect Communities and Elephants in Tanzania, Africa

DJI recently collaborated with officials from Tanzania’s Tarengire National Park to take part in a project aimed at using the DJI Phantom to help farmers to protect their crops from being raided by elephants.

Driving from London to Ulaanbaatar? DJI’s Mongol Rally Team Starts Their Trek

Each team of the Mongol Rally has raised at least £1000 for charity, with DJI’s team donating their part to Cool Earth, an organization fighting for rainforest preservation around the world.