Pupils can great creative in drone design competition

School children across Gainsborough are being urged to take part in a national competition to ‘design a drone’.

Drones shed new light on newly discovered, Australian humpback dolphin in WA

Marine researchers using aerial drones to film a newly discovered species of Australian dolphin say the bird's eye view is shedding new light on the mammals' behaviour, with researchers hoping the information will help with conservation efforts.

How drones help Lake County police investigate crashes, get roads open faster

Far beyond taking pretty pictures or video, an elite team of suburban cops is using drones for faster and more efficient investigations of major traffic accidents.

Drone pilots assist in search for missing Spanish Fork man

Volunteers were searching for Steven Terry near the Spanish Oaks Reservoir on foot and from the air, thanks to drones. Drone pilots spent hours flying above the trees around the reservoir, hoping for a glimpse of Steven Terry.

Educators Get New Help for Creating Lessons With Drones

Drones have been drifting into K-12 classroom lesson for years. Now teachers are receiving more specific guidance than ever before on how to use the aerial devices in ways that will bring a payoff for students.

How Drone Technology Is Helping Us Better Understand The Animal Kingdom

Last year, researchers from Murdoch University analyzed video taken off the western coast of Australia. The film — which appeared on Phys.Org — includes images of a very rare white southern right whale calf suckling from its mother.It was a score for researchers and the general public alike. And it none of it would have been possible without a drone.