Drones shed new light on newly discovered, Australian humpback dolphin in WA

Marine researchers using aerial drones to film a newly discovered species of Australian dolphin say the bird's eye view is shedding new light on the mammals' behaviour, with researchers hoping the information will help with conservation efforts.

How Drone Technology Is Helping Us Better Understand The Animal Kingdom

Last year, researchers from Murdoch University analyzed video taken off the western coast of Australia. The film — which appeared on Phys.Org — includes images of a very rare white southern right whale calf suckling from its mother.It was a score for researchers and the general public alike. And it none of it would have been possible without a drone.

Drone Technology Joins the Fight Against Climate Change Risks

Drones are growing and expanding (where popularity and demand are concerned), certain groups and individuals teamed up and employed their skills into saving our planet.

How drones are steadily advancing Australia's environmental industry

A year on, the DELWP completed a successful 12-week trial that tested the capability of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) or drones, for more effective monitoring of planned burns.

Drones used to estimate population of Amazon river dolphins

WWF-Brasil launches project in collaboration wth Ecodrones Brasil to monitor current population of Amazon river dolphins using DJI’s Phantom 3.

Ministry of Environment flying high with UAV technology

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have exploded in popularity, and many organizations are seeing the benefits of using the emerging technology. Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment first investigated UAVs in 2010, and today it has a fleet of 25.