How drones help Lake County police investigate crashes, get roads open faster

Far beyond taking pretty pictures or video, an elite team of suburban cops is using drones for faster and more efficient investigations of major traffic accidents.

Drone pilots assist in search for missing Spanish Fork man

Volunteers were searching for Steven Terry near the Spanish Oaks Reservoir on foot and from the air, thanks to drones. Drone pilots spent hours flying above the trees around the reservoir, hoping for a glimpse of Steven Terry.

Drones offer promise of big savings for state

Some state transportation officials are getting licensed to operate drones as the agency capitalizes on new technology to save money and reduce hazards.

Drones are Saving Lives as Next Advancement in Public Safety Technology

While consumer drones get the splashy and sometimes overblown headlines, the technology is quickly being embraced by cities across the United States for applications ranging from firefighting to search and rescue.

Orange County Fire Rescue aims to use drones to save lives

Orange County Fire Rescue took its first step toward using unmanned aircraft in its work this week when county commissioners approved its request to apply for authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to use drones.

Drone helps Coral Springs firefighters battle flames at Dollar Tree store

New drone technology helped Coral Springs firefighters get control of a fire over the weekend at a Dollar Tree store.