Drone helps Coral Springs firefighters battle flames at Dollar Tree store

New drone technology helped Coral Springs firefighters get control of a fire over the weekend at a Dollar Tree store.

Heat-Seeking Drones Could Reduce Fire Deaths

When firefighters were quelling the last of Oakland’s catastrophic Ghost Ship warehouse fire on the morning of December 3, they used a relatively new tool: an unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone.

Allstate uses drones to survey storm damage

It will likely been a while before Isle of Hope resident Tami Smith is able to sleep in her own bed. A tree slammed through the roof of her second story bedroom during Hurricane Matthew leaving behind a large hole in the roof, pieces of insulation and a large amount of debris.

Drone can save drowning swimmers in less than a minute

Aussie surf lifesavers could soon have a new tool in their arsenal to rescue struggling swimmers – high-tech drones. A new drone has been trialled in Spain which can save drowning bathers in less than a minute. The remote controlled device can soar out past the breaking waves in seconds and has a detachable flotation device which is dropped next to the swimmer with the press of a button.

Rescue drones - a new generation of lifeguards

Not quite Pamela Anderson in a red swimsuit, but a new generation of life saver. On Cunit beach in Tarragonna in Catalonia, Spain, the local Civil Protection is working with new technology in the hope of saving lives. The technology is a specially adapted drone.

How drones are turning everyday citizens into superheroes

Drones are turning more people into heroes everyday. Most people associate commercial drone flight with cool aerial photography or video shooting. But people all around the world are stepping up to use their drones for good. Specifically, to aid in search-and-rescue missions.