Nonprofit organizations and educational institutions using drones for a good purpose enjoy a 10% discount.


At DJI, we empower people to explore the world from new perspectives and see places that were previously out of reach.

Seeing the planet and life on it from above can be an emotional experience. An aerial overview offers a new perspective. It makes the world feel small. For us, this is a humbling experience that helps us understand how vulnerable our world is, and how important it is for us to take care of it.

As a pioneer and market leader in aerial technology, DJI believes it is our responsibility to have a positive impact on the environments and communities we touch.

We do this by making aerial photography, filmmaking and data-collection equipment more reliable and easier to use for creators, developers, researchers and humanitarian responders around the world. DJI’s technology is used in a broad range of life-saving situations and development work: from disaster response missions to environmental research.

We invite you to work with us to drive positive change by sharing ideas for how aerial robotics can be used for good purposes. We have outlined three key areas where DJI technology has a particularly important role to play – Humanitarian Missions, Environmental Protection and Education.